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Beautiful Brown Rice Milk

Don’t be too quick to compost your leftover brown rice from dinner last night!

Instead, re-purpose this whole grain by transforming it into delicious dairy free milk! Making it yourself ensures that this light and flavorful drink is additive and preservative free! Brown rice milk is low in saturated fat and an excellent source of Magnesium. For more info on cooking with rice go to Make Your Own Rice Milk - It is Easy


2 cups pure water ½ cup cooked and cooled organic brown rice ¼ tsp pure organic vanilla extract ½ tsp real maple syrup


  • Place all ingredients into a high speed blender and tightly close the lid. (If you are planning on using in savoury dishes, do not add the vanilla and maple syrup)

  • Turn the blender on and slowly increase its speed until on high. Blend for one minute at highest setting.

  • Strain through nut milk bag (available at your local health food store) or through cheesecloth or a clean old T shirt to ensure a smooth texture before drinking, baking with it or using in smoothies.

  • Store in the fridge for up to three days.


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