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Easy Guacamole

Move over carrots! Surprisingly avocados are loaded with carotenoid antioxidants that help lower our risk of heart disease and provide important anti-inflammatory properties. Here is a fast and easy way to get some of that green goodness in you!

Easy Guacamole


1 ripe avocado freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste one pinch chili powder

one pinch cumin powder

salt and pepper

optional ingredients: chopped fresh cilantro chopped fresh garlic chopped fresh tomato chopped fresh sweet or hot pepper


  • In a bowl mash avocado with a fork to preferred consistency (I like mine chunky!) Mix in lemon juice and spices and stir in any optional ingredients. Chopped fresh cilantro makes a beautiful garnish.

  • Serve immediately with organic corn chips or fresh cut veggies.


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