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Fertility Smoothie

When it comes to prenatal nutrition, most women know that what you eat and drink plays a crucial role in the ability to have a healthy pregnancy and nourish the growing baby. However, most women don’t realize that the diet they have during the months prior to conception has the ability to increase fertility and lay the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy.

When it comes to packing nutrients into a meal, nothing beats a daily smoothie!


1-2 cups homemade almond milk

½ frozen banana (a good source of B6 which regulates hormones and decreases morning sickness)

½ cup fresh or frozen organic raspberries (rids the body of excess estrogen to support hormone balance)

1 large handful organic baby spinach (creates an alkaline environment to increase the likelihood of conception. Also rich in folic acid.)

1 heaping tbsp. pumpkin seed butter (rich in zinc which improves the production of progesterone and supports cell division)

1 tsp. high quality fish oil (promotes blood flow to the reproductive organs and regulates hormones. Also supports brain development in the growing fetus)


  • Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


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