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Support your Sinuses!

Did you know that dry sinuses dramatically increase the likelihood of attracting the bacteria responsible for sinusitis. Additionally, having dry sinuses may result in thicker mucous that is less effective in trapping and removing airborne allergens. When these allergens stay in the sinuses they may contribute to inflammation and sinus pain.

While a doctor’s visit may be necessary there is also much that can be done with diet, supplementation and lifestyle. If you have a sinus cold or sinusitis give these sinus supportive tips a try!

  1. Hydrate! The best way to combat the dry weather and thin the mucus that is responsible for clearing the sinuses is to drink lots of water. I use a large wide mouth mason jar and put it beside my work space. Not a fan of strait water? Drink iced herbal teas instead!

  2. Eliminate dairy. Dairy is inflammatory and may contribute to and exacerbate the symptoms of sinusitis. Replace the dairy in your diet with almond or rice milk and coconut yogurt!

  3. Go to town on garlic! Raw garlic is supportive for the immune system. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which make it the perfect fit if suffering from a sinus infection. I like to mince it and add it to salad dressings and spreads or swallow it with a little bit of raw honey.

  4. Make squash soup. Nothing is more comforting than soup when you are not feeling your best. Squash is also rich in beta carotene which supports the health of the mucous membranes) such as the sinuses) and enhances immunity. Hey, make soup and stir in some freshly chopped raw garlic to get the benefits of both!

  5. Consider a probiotic supplement. Probiotics support the immune system and modulate the inflammatory response.

If chronic sinusitis is an ongoing problem for you, consider scheduling an appointment with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist such as myself for personalized support.


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