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Buy Local, Honey!

The plight of the bees has garnered more and more attention over the past few years, and rightly so. Bees are having a tough time. From environmental changes to genetically modified crops and increased pesticide use, the bees need all the help they can get. By supporting small, local and natural beekeeping operations you are also supporting bee keepers in their efforts to protect bee populations.


Who doesn’t love honey? When it comes to natural sweeteners, eating small amounts of raw honey is one of the best ways to go. However, consumers need to be very careful about their source of honey. More and more main stream manufacturers are actually cutting or completely replacing true honey with honey flavoured high fructose corn syrup. Isn’t that disgusting!!?

The final message is that, when it comes to honey, buy local, buy from small businesses and buy raw and unpasteurized quality honey.



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